The Art of Turntablism on Display at the Senate DJ’s House Party 

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August 26, 2016
DJ Sojo – ADD Dance floor Volume 1 “Live at the 2016 DJ TIMES DJ EXPO WITH RELOOP”
August 29, 2016
We are a week removed from the Dj Expo and all I can think about was the Senate Dj’s House Party.  The Senate Djs have a reputation for throwing killer parties and crazy Dj cyphers throughout Atlantic City during the week of the Dj Expo, and this year was no different.  Although Mother Nature didn’t want to cooperate and Rained out the Senate’s Red Party, the night before was something strait out of a movie.   If you missed the Senate’s House Party at Retro’s inside Caesars Palace you might want to slap yourself a couple times.  If you were there you saw an unbelievable display of djing and Turntablism.  Dj’s from all over the county joined the Senate for this unforgettable night. The party stated with DJ Soulchild than the host, co-founder of the Senate Djs, Dj Sojo. Sojo, was like Kobe feeding an alley-oops to the Shaq.  He set the night up with his smooth video mixing and the dope lineup of Djs that night shut it down.
Many of the Senate Djs were on display such as Dj Hitman, Dj Calyte, Dj Dramadik, and Dj Jayski. All these dudes are monsters in the game and they showed it, but then there were also special guest sets by Dj Mell Star, Dj DP-One, party rocker Marty Rock & others. While going to the expo is an experience in it of itself, the after parties are the true showcases of local and national talent. As a young up and coming Dj, seeing these beasts on the tables gives me the motivation to become better at this crazy craft of djing. Here is a taste of what you missed last week. More videos to follow on

Photo’s by Bryan Johnson & Staff

Anthony Sojo
Anthony Sojo
Growing up with a blood line who has contributed to the love of music and the arts, the soul of Anthony Sojo was born. At the age of 17, he began to train his ear on 1200’s. With his first attempt mashing up 2 hit records, the magic of music was locked in the hands of Sojo. Understanding the equation of what he was just given, a piece of life was put into his heart and mind, the love and drive for what he will do and the power and knowledge to see his dream unfold. With the key to success kept close, an empire of an artist began to brand and establish in New Jersey and Philadelphia.