PHL Live presents Center Stage 2016 – DJ Casper to Judge.
September 16, 2016
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Senate DJs| Musik Box – Season 3 ” Episode 1″ | DJ SOJO & DJ Soulchild
October 18, 2016

Kellie Berrios at the 2016 DJ Times DJ Expo

Kellie Berrios - Senate DJ / Reloop - House Party 2 - Retro's

Escape: [ih-skeyp] to slip or get away,as from confinement or restraint; gain or regain liberty:

    Majority of the time, we all tend to crave the urge to escape from our own realities. We find ourselves searching for different hobbies, careers or even guilty pleasures to fulfill what we believe is missing in our lives. There is always that want or need for more or just an answer to the questions we continuously have about life. Music has become one of the world’s greatest escapes of all time. The way sound and sometimes lyrics are able to free our minds has helped many of us cope with the battles we face each day. Whether your in your office, sitting in traffic or just cleaning at home, the music is always there. Stress kills but when you put on your favorite jam, nothing is impossible.

    In the mind of a DJ, it is of utmost importance to allow themselves to assist you in releasing these stresses, along with their own. By doing so, they allow one self to clear their heads and creatively go AWOL to set the vibe through the music they choose to play. Various songs and genre’s perform contrasting vibrations and emotions throughout each one of us. The DJ’s knowledge of this craft determines your escape through the music. Comparable to any other job or passion the amount of contraptions DJ’s are able to play around with are what really catch a hold of not just their attention but ours as well. We’ve all had that moment like “ This DJ is amazing” or “How do they do that?!?!”. This is were the media outlets are able to come in handy not only for DJ’s but fans and followers alike.


DJ Expo Floor

    DJ Times is a magazine that covers a number of aspects for all aspiring and professional DJ’s. From new technology to fresh music and artist recognition, DJ Times made networking for Entertainment entrepreneurs and employees a whole lot more convenient with their DJ EXPO. Being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey over the years, vendors from all across the globe gather for about a week to showcase their businesses, attend seminars featuring a variety of specials guests and of course we can’t forget about the parties!

    For the past 4 years, The Senate DJ’s have been in attendance with 2016 being the best year yet! In 2014, The Senate collaborated with a Germany based DJ tech company, Reloop ( Testing and demonstrating their skills on new and older Reloop inventory, Senate members DJ Sojo, DJ Jay Ski, DJ Dramadik, DJ Calyte and DJ Hitman were displayed along with other Reloop Artist and the 2016 Redbull Freestyle Champion, DJ Trayze at this years booth. With over 100 vendors, the competition is pretty intense.



    There is only one word to describe the DJ EXPO…..LOUD!!! Between all of the bright lights, booths and sound tools it’s the perfect cure for anyone with ADHD. Every which way you turn, there’s another vendor with gadgets galore along with free stickers, shirts and knick-knacks. The amount of equipment you can purchase is endless and the amount of passion everyone has is contagious. The way technology has transformed this industry enhanced the way we enjoy entertainment. It’s a constant up-keep for industry goers to maintain a topnotch performance and the DJ Expo gives you access to all the wants and needs. Don’t forget about the Main Stage performances each day along with the Ultimate DJ Giveaway on the final day of the convention. Of course, that’s if you make it.

    With an assortment of DJ’s and music geeks in Atlantic City, you already know there are going to be some parties, after parties and after-after parties. Let’s face it, DJ’s rarely sleep especially when there is fresh equipment at their finger tips. It’s amazing yet comical to see how fast a living room can be transformed into a DJ Booth or how much equipment you can set up in a hotel room. Each year The Senate DJ’s host events on 2 different nights of the DJ Expo along with their sponsor Reloop.

    First, we showcase DJs from around the country at our House Party Event which is held at Retro’s located in Caesar’s Hotel & Casino. Dominating talent had the entire casino floor in awe of the skills that were coming out of the speakers. I couldn’t count the amount of times we all had to pick our jaws up off of the floor. Opening the night we had DJ Soulchild, an up and coming talent and local of Atlantic City who performed a solid Deep House/Top40 set. DJ Mell Starr blessed the decks for the third year giving us that NY flare with a whole lot of soul. My favorite is when he throws in those rare a-cappella’s that just gives you the goose bumps. We’re all still waiting on that Dropbox notification. DJ Sojo, who has been the Saturday Night resident DJ for the past 2 years at Retro showed everyone who’s throne they were really on. His video DJ’ing has visually taken his sets to a whole new level. DJ Marty Rock & DJ Hitman, both also representing NY had the floor moving. You just couldn’t help it but dance. To no surprise, DJ DP One and DJ Jay Ski both proved again they are not from this planet. The line up was scared to play after these two blew our minds with their physical education of this craft. It’s always a musical life changing experience when we put some of the best brains in the region together. The way these guys feed off of each other is just unexplainable.



    As the hangover haunted us all the next morning, it was go time at the convention. The moment was up for DJ Sojo, DJ Jayski & DJ Cutlas to be showcased on the main stage of the Expo Floor. All eye’s on deck, people gathered to record and dissect what was about to happen for the next few minutes of their lives. Each DJ has 20 minutes to prove why they had that spot on this stage. The attention alone gives one the chills. Combined with the energy each DJ gave off was a moment which made us all proud and appreciative of the hard work and dedication these men have given to this lifestyle.

    To celebrate all the Expo successes, we raged on at Harrah’s Pool Rooftop Lounge with a Senate DJ Line Up and a few special guests. That was the idea of course. Soon after we warmed up the party with DJ Dramadik, DJ Calyte, Sojo and Hitman, mother nature decided to rain on our parade. And yes, literally. With over 100 people in Senate DJ T Shirts, we were ready to let loose and enjoy some fun, until everyone cell phones siren alerts from the local weather station stated that we were about to get hit with some rain. Not like little drizzles either. Before everyone got into an apocalyptic frenzy, I escorted guests to a VIP area inside Harrah’s Pool while the Senate packed up in a record time of legit 7 min. By the time the last case was rolled in the door, a monsoon took over the rooftop. Even though we were bummed we got rained out, we enjoyed the sounds of Webstar, Ghost, Serafin and Friends along with a surprise performance by Cassidy. Trust me, we all had our drink and a two step going on.


As the last day finally is upon us it’s always bittersweet. Your exhausted from the non stop commotion but sad it all has to end. The amount of love this crew was shown is so humbling for us to know that other’s love what we as a unit are able to accomplish. Different people, different companies, different jobs all have the same love in common. Of course there are always going to be rough patches along the way but the drive and faith we all share for this sweet escape will keep this legacy something sacred. The experience we are able to give to the people who just want to enjoy some music and let go of life’s worries is something that I can’t even put into words. Whether you’re in the industry or not, the love that brings us all together is only felt and heard through the music.





*Video Coming Soon!