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September 3, 2016
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September 16, 2016
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Is The Art Form of Djing Dead?

I read this article and thought it was worth sharing and opening the forum up to discussion.  The article discusses the rise of House music in America and the advances in technology with different programs such as Rekordbox.  The article discusses the fad of celebrities turned dj’s and the perception this has on the dj culture.  Check the article out here and feel free to comment and leave feedback.


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Dj Kiko was born in New York City. Raised by Dominican Parents. Djing has always been in his blood as his father DJ Double Delight rocked out for the crowds in the city in the 70's and 80's. As a young kid Dj Kiko played around with his dad's gear but it wasn't until he was able to afford his own equipment that he really got into the art of Djing. From the first time he stepped behind the booth he was hooked, the energy of the crowd was addicting. Since that first gig, Dj Kiko has worked hard at perfecting his craft and he is always eager to learn new things. Dj Kiko is still learning everyday as he feel the art of djing is constantly evolving and he looks forward to seeing how far he can go.

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