Life of a Senate DJ | Webisode 3 | DJ 101 with DJ Times Magazine- Atlantic City DJ Expo 2013.

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January 6, 2015
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January 22, 2015

Life of a Senate DJ | Webisode 3 | DJ 101 with DJ Times Magazine- Atlantic City DJ Expo 2013.

Anthony Sojo & DJ Dramadik take you behind the scenes of DJ Times Magazine’s 2013 DJ Expo in the Taj Mahal Casino located in Atlantic City, NJ. These two influential artists take you through the exhibits discussing a few different DJ personalities you see expanding the game in 2014.

Note From Sojo…..

DJ’s, this episode we touched on a few types of DJ styles. This segment wasn’t written to be law, but guidelines to help the general public understand a little bit of what you all do out there in the world. We support every shade of DJ on earth , If you live , breath, eat & sleep music…If you are the one who sacrifices for your art than you’re our kind of DJ! We hope to dig deeper into our community & culture in future episodes to come! Explaining in more detail what you all do!

After the production of this episode we found out the Name of the ” 13 Year Old DJ was T Nice! Props Little Homie!

Music used in this Episode:
Song 1 – Within – Sojo feat The Exchange
Song 2 – Can I get a – Jay Z” Reed Streets Mix” 
Song 3 – Tapped – DJ Dramadik
Song 4 – Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo ” Sojo’s DJ City Remix”
Song 5 – 80’s Baby Instrumental- Anthony Sojo
Song 6 –  “Up coming release” – Anthony Sojo
Song 7 – We are tonight – Anthony Sojo
Song 8 – Can I get a – Jay Z” Reed Streets Mix” 

“Background Music”
Song 1- Perculator – Cajmere
Song 2 – ” Virtual DJ ” Playing Apache
Song 3 – Watch out now – Beatnuts
Song 4 – “Sojo Scratching ” Bangarang -Skrillex 
Song 5 – Rock The House-  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 
Song 6 – Rock the Bells – LL Cool J
Song 7 – Peter Piper – Run DMC

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