May 25, 2015
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June 3, 2015

Mix Emergency 3 Review

MixEmergency REVIEW, MixEmergency3-640x360


inken-mix-emergency-3-review-senate-djs In our constant search for inovation and awesomeness, we at Senatedjs.com stumbled upon MixEmergency 3 by Inklen! This is my second tinkering with Inklen's feature packed video DJ software for Apple and rumor has it this software was completely re-coded for a much lighter user experience. Version 2 sold me but my machine just wasn't fast enough so MixEmergency 3 became a deal breaker for me. Recently making the move to a Rane 62 with Serato DJ and a set of Reloop RP8000 Midi Turntables combined with my scratch & loop live video set, this feature alone could save me from replacing my 2012 Macbook Pro. When I switched to Serato DJ like most users, I found the software used more system than the earlier Scratch Live release. Most of this is due to the new features, plugins and open compatibility with hardware devices. So like all progress in technology my Macbooks future seemed bleak . Looking for another option I'm glad stumbled upon MixEmergency. So enough about me let's get into it!

Right off the bat the speed is twice as fast as its predecessor on my machine. Software is blazing fast and the video quality & frame rate at 50% blew me away. I found the new features extremely easy to use and very helpful!

The media bank folder mode is familiar and now a MUST HAVE for all Video Djs. Like Serato Video the media bank lets you assign a folder of video files to play on the screen when you play an audio file.

The Delay Compensation helper tool is another life saver. No longer do DJs have to break their necks to get the videos lips in sync, this crafty new tool makes life that much easier.

Midi Pick Mode & the midi assignments as a whole are next level & unlock my visual set to its potential.

Let me explain,

         One of my residencies requires Video DJ spinning music videos from the 80s, 90s & 2ks. One thing we all know about retro music videos is they were mastered & compressed for TV not night club sound.With their natural sound wimpy and flat  I rely on my EQ boosts heavily.     

    In MixEmergency 3 you can assign high end special “beat synced” effects to every midi knob & fader available on your mixer and controller. This allows a visual effect to take place as you use your audio faders & knobs creating new optical looks to your set. What sold me was Inklen’s attention to detail in the customization of this feature.  

     I mentioned I love boosting those old videos to bring out the high and low end very often, so I was worried that a visual effect would be impractical and more trouble than it was worth. That’s when I realized just how powerful this software is, MixEmergency 3 lets you add or bypass the effect on each knob in two zones. I wanted the video to change on my eq cuts, not boosts. Thanks to this crafty customization simple low end drops apply the effect and low end boosts bypass it. I repeated that configuration for my high end eq knob as well.

Compared to other Video DJ solutions the features of MixEmergency 3 can not be matched. The overlay features allow custom text with all system fonts in great resolution with minimal system resources.  The New anti aliasing  trumps the competition, sorry serato it just works better. The quality of the overlays and graphics alone make this purchase a no brainer. It also has easy access to a webcam feed allowing the DJ to control when he is or is not seen. The crossfader transitions are smoother, better looking and add fresh new feel to your sets. The powerhouse also comes with a Visual overlay sampler adding a visual element to your sampler. The newest version is also fully compatible with Serato Scratch Live & Serato DJ making you feel all warm and welcomed.

In closing, this software excites me. To see where innovators like this our taking this artform gives me promise and hope. Do yourself a favor and try it for yourself I will list full feature set and free demo link at bottom of the review. Thank you Inklen for your hard work and for listing to the DJs.


MixEmergency 2 users are eligible to upgrade to MixEmergency 3 for  $99 USD. 

More info here.



  • Significantly optimised MixEmergency’s use of CPU, GPU, and RAM.
  • Added new Folder Mode to the Media Bank to scan and load from a folder of clips.
  • Added Delay Compensation Helper tool.
  • Added new MIDI Pick option when learning a new MIDI control.
  • Added improved Anti-Aliasing mode.
  • Added a Tiled Scroll effect for overlays.
  • Adjusted cache size range from 200MB to 1GB.
  • Added playback support for .ivz files.
  • Plugins
  • Increased the minimum supported version of Mac OS X to 10.7.
  • Added + and – buttons to allow increased delay compensation values.
  • Added opacity sliders for Sample Player and FX Sequencer windows to the Preferences.
  • Quartz Composition inputs are now handed through to Quartz Compositions played from the Sample Player.
  • Improved display handling.
  • Fixed a display issue when frame blending was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the first frame to flash in the Sample Player when playback finishes in the regular playback mode.
  • Added workaround for some Quartz Composition rendering issues that could stop some compositions from rendering correctly.