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Senate DJs Record Pool Guide 2016

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DJ Record pools are essential for the working DJ. As DJs we hear new music first and record pools help us figure out what tracks to play at events. Whether you’re a house, hip hop, or an open format DJ, if you work gigs regularly records pools are a must. Every record pool is different but we are here to give you our top picks based on features, price, and of course music content.

Feel free to comment with you recommendations of record pool services!


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Promo Only Pool: an extensive catalog (covers seven decades worth of music & video). The Pool has the easiest interface we have seen to date. The downloaded software sets you up with massive search & preview capabilities and a rock solid engine to cue all your downloads . They have many packages and genres available separately or bundled for additional savings.

Price: Packages start at $15 (Other price plans available)

Other Benefits: Easy Interface, effortless reporting , large library, music & video



Direct Music Service: an extensive catalog (covers seven decades worth of music). Exclusive edits and remixes from their staff of producers, newly redesigned site. The provide a wide range of genre’s in their extensive catalog and provide new music recommendations as well as a blog with news and content. DMS has a strong search engine to help you pinpoint the tracks you are looking for.

Price: $64.95/Month of unlimited downloads (Other price plans available)

Other Benefits: Daily updates, exclusive versions, extensive catalog.


DJCITYDJ City is another popular DJ record pool. Tracks are uploaded daily. Their tracks are usually high quality (320kbps) unless specified. They provide a wide range of genres from EDM to Trap music and have exclusive versions of tracks from their DJs.

Price: $90/3 month subscription

Benefits: Smartphone App, Queue, Popular Downloads, and DJ Trends.



MyMP3Pool: serves both MP3s and videos, files on MyMP3Pool have been analyzed in Serato and have had cue points added, they have added key value to songs for those without key detection software, video is optimized for Serato Video. They have a great catalog of music and provide videos at no extra charge.

Price: $20/Month

Other Benefits: Smartphone App, Download Queue.


Franchise Record Pool: A classic hip hop record pool started by Funkmaster Flex. The record pool provides exclusive remixes and mashup. Some of the biggest artist in Hip Hop release their tracks first on this record pool. Navigating the website takes some time to master but they provide a great backlog of music with intros, acapella, instrumental, and hype versions.

Price: $20/Month

Other Benefits: Smartphone App, Download Queue.



BPM Supreme: Another dual service MP3/Video pool, has an option to receive a monthly physical DVD with the hottest releases, files are prepped for Serato and video is optimized for Serato Video. BPM Supreme provides daily releases as well as remixes, mashups, and intros for tracks. For those looking for Latin music, they also provide a record pool plan called BPM Latino. The premium subscription includes a backup DVD of the month’s releases mailed to your address.

Price: $19.99/Month Standard – $29.99/ Premium

Other Benefits: Smartphone App, Top Picks, Videos included.



iDJPoolOne of the longest record pools in the game (since 1985 – sheesh). They have a really bare bones pool when it comes to organization of tracks however no rating is required and you can download in bulk, which saves precious time. No frills just music.
Price: $50/mo ($25/mo for urban-only, $15/mo for country-only)

Other Benefits: Bulk downloads, extensive catalog.


ClubKillers: another MP3/video dual service, both a remix service and aggregator. They provide exclusive remixes from their DJs. Videos are included in the subscription. They also provide an active blog and music recommendations.

Price: $35/Month


What’s your favorite record pool? Let us know what you think in the comments section!