• DJ Sojo | NJ | Founder DJ Sojo | NJ
  • Dramadik | NJ | Founder DJ Dramadik | NJ
  • Bis | Del DJ Bis | DEL
  • Ronnie D | PA Ronnie D | Devera | NJ
  • Jay Ski | NJ DJ Jay Ski | NJ
  • 5 Venoms | FLA Five Venoms | FLA
  • N9ne | NJ DJ N9ne | NJ
  • Joe Broscoe Joe Broscoe | PA
  • Latin Prince | NY Latin Prince NYC
  • DJ Calyte | PA DJ Calyte | The Teknition | PA
  • DJ Hitman DJ Hitman | NY
  • DJ Casper | PA DJ Casper | PA
  • DJ Cutlas  | NJ Cutlas | NJ
  • DJ Z | DE DJ Z | DE
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Senate DJ - A DJ that represents his art form and dedicates his life to it.

September 2009 in discussion with friend & Brooklyn native, DJ Dramadik & Jersey native, Anthony Sojo (DJ Sojo) the concept to organize and set up a ​collective of​ like-minded DJs, called "The Senate DJs". Sojo & Dramadik worked hard on the new focus to build an empire of pure talent. ​They searched for DJs full of talent who hold their own specific style and tool set. A DJ with skills that carries on certain old school traditions but who can also incorporate tomorrow’s newest ​techniques and ​technology​ ​. A DJ that cuts from a certain cloth, ​or a certain vinyl. With recruiting such an elite and dominating line up, The Senate DJs became an established crew in 2010, uniting a network of profound DJs . The Senate' began their mission keeping the art of mixing ​& DJ culture​ alive!