The Rebirth of Sunday Nightlife, Apollo.

An all new, high level, industry night has stepped into the local market, but it comes with a little bit of a twist.

MP3 Record Pool, DJ Equipment, DJ Records, and DJ Gear. Digital record pool for professional DJs using Serato, Traktor, CDJs, PCDJ, and other digital DJ tools. We carry a selection of dj equipment, dj gear, dj records, hip-hop vinyl, dj music, remix records, mash-ups records, party break records, compilation records, reggae, reggaeton, latin, rock, pop, electro, dance, scratch, and hip hop records.

Local venue Adelphia’s teams up with presenting “Tournament of the Tables”, an all new DJ battle showcase. Sounds interesting right? Here are some details…

From 9pm-11pm, local celebs, entertainment figures and guest DJ judges will critique the techniques of 3 hand picked up and coming DJs with only 30 minutes to spare. There wil be one winner each week, narrowing it down to 3 finalist all competing for the Grand Prize each month. Here are some rules and conditions for qualified participants,

1. Each DJ will need to bring there own Top End including, Ns7, Mixer and/or Serato Box. A pair of 1200’s will be on site. There’s 10 minutes between each set to switch out gear.

2. Each of the 3 DJs performing at the showcase will get 30 minutes to impress the 3 guest judges. EDM/TOP40 STRICTLY ENFORCED.

3. Each of the 3 weekly winners will compete to gain the Grand Prize at the end of each tournament month.

4. The Senate DJs is a real crew, we expect your talent to warrant the showcase. You must be confident in exposing you talents.

5. There is NO entry or registration fee. All contestants will be hand picked based off your entry information and will be contacted with the first available date to perform.

6. All DJs must be 21 years of age or older, Vaild ID required. By submitting your entry, you agree to all terms and conditions of this tournament.


With this event being long overdue, its time to get you DJs out of the chat rooms, and onto the main stage. Get aquainted with vetrans who laid down the foundation of the game and also meet your future peers in the industry.

Contest Winner