Welcome member 21 representing Alabama, DJ Queazy!
March 26, 2018
dj buck rodgers
Texas is now represented, welcome Buck Rodgers to The Senate Djs!
March 26, 2018

We welcome Kartel from 12inch Skinz to The Senate Djs!

12inchskinz 12 inch kartel
Next induction to The Senate DJs is DJ Kartel ! Kartel came up in the underground electronic scene of Oklahoma in the late 90s! His journey through DJing & music led him to his true calling as an artist, 12inch Skinz. Kartel is personally responsible for thousands of DJ customizations around planet earth and continues to grow and evolve his brand. His creativity and passion to move the DJ culture forward have not gone unnoticed ! We are proud to welcome from the great state of Oklahoma this mover and shaker, Kartel!

Follow Kartel on IG @https://www.instagram.com/12inchskinz/

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